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Draw My Thing Online

images-5Draw My Thing is a type of Pictionary game developed by the New York developers, OMGPOP. If you have been a fan of Pictionary or similar type of games, this game is for you. In the game, you gather into a chat room kind of environment along with other players. Each player is given about 60 seconds to draw something which the rest of the players need to guess. In simple words, you need to draw any object as well you can, that’s it.The first player to guess the picture correctly gets 3 points. The other players who guess within 5 seconds receive one point each. However, the player who draws a picture that is identified easily also get 2 points.

Warning : Due to the problems with the server of the official developed of the game, you may have problems loading game.

In the Draw My Thing game every player needs to draw about one or two pictures. Depending on this, the points get totaled and the winner is declared. Apart from playing the game yourself, you even have the option of sharing your hilarious illustrations with friends. The most interesting thing about this game is the fact that you will find it hard to guess the correct image. The images drawn by most of the players are extremely funny and will keep you hooked into the game for hours.
You need to wait for a couple of minutes to find a game that is open. Once you get started you will get a pencil that will help you in the drawing. Along with this, you are also allowed to use different colors in the drawings along with different line widths. You can unlock more art tools as you go ahead with the game. The Draw My Thing game also allows you to interact with other players in the game and share a laugh through voice or text chat. The drawing tools also allow you to draw creative drawings.

Coming to the game controls, the game is entirely based on mouse controls. You just need to draw objects moving your mouse in the required position.